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Why Cyprus ?

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, and possibly one of the most ideally strategically located countries in the world for almost any type of business, situated at the crossroad of three major continents Europe, Africa and Asia.
Cyprus, combines a legal system based on the English model, an efficient civil service, good labour relations, an outstandingly high level of professionalism in the legal and accounting sectors, an excellent banking system, telecommunications and air links to all important destinations, that form solid foundations for entrepreneurs to set up their business.
Cyprus is a full member of the European Union (with all the benefits that would be expected of dealing with any EU country), the United Nations, the Council of Europe, the World Trade Organization, the World Bank, the Commonwealth and the International Monetary Fund.  Moreover, Cyprus is represented through diplomatic missions in over 30 countries and has particularly good relations with the Middle East region, the Mediterranean countries, as well as other developing countries.
A number of favorable factors have made Cyprus an attractive place in the world for doing business, including a high standard of living, the hospitality, friendliness and the competence of the Cypriot people. While an EU member, Cyprus also boasts the lowest corporate tax rates in the EU of 10% in addition to the following benefits:

Strategic location at the crossroads of three continents
Highly developed and efficient legal, accounting and banking services based on English practices
Excellent transport and modern telecommunication facilities
Free market economy
Secure environment and politically stable
Favourable tax regime for ship management and competitive ship registration costs and annual tonnage taxes
Strictly confidentiality with the local authorities
Extensive network of double tax treaties
Cyprus is not considered as a “tax haven” and a Cyprus business company is distinguishable from any other company registered in any developed country in the world, therefore, the business of such company will not suffer from identification as a “tax haven” operation

  After almost 10 working years, we are proud to announce that we managed to place ourselves as key players within the sector of  fresh fruits and vegetables world.

Working together  with a big team of  farmers all around Greece, we managed to ensure the production of the high quality of  fruits and vegetables, packaged and distributed all around with the biggest care. We are people  who all times  keep  moral and ethical values. We take care  the Health of our clients  and their families and try to offer the best selected fruits every time. We respect and try to protect the enviroment  .  We always aiming to provide the best satisfaction to you, trying to  offer excellent service great quality and best prices always.

All your fruits and vegetables are getting ready after order in 12 hours 

All fruits are cultivated with passion & delivered carefully to you!


International Tax Planning
Cyprus offers a range of alternative tax advantages to foreign companies conducting business on the island.  Such advantages derive from the country’s favorable legislation as well as from the wide network of double taxation treaties.  In brief, the main provisions of corporate taxation are:

ü       Uniform corporate tax rate of 12.5%

ü       Double Taxation Treaties with over 55 countries

ü       No withholding taxes on dividends, interest and royalties to non-residents

ü       Favorable tax treatment of losses

ü       No tax on capital gains from disposal of securities listed on a recognized Stock Exchange

ü       No tax on profits from permanent establishment outside Cyprus, subject to conditions

ü       No capital gains tax or net worth taxes, except on sale of immovable property situated in Cyprus

ü       Holding companies satisfying minimum requirements can be established with 0% tax rate on dividends, making Cyprus the most competitive jurisdiction for holding companies

ü       Freely transferable currency accounts (in any currency) can be kept both in Cyprus and abroad

ü       No exchange control restrictions

ü       Strictly confidentiality of the real owners





If  anything seems suspicious  to you, please contact WITH us immediately  and confirm with us.




 With  more than 10 years of experience in Agricultural & food products , ZANGOSTAR LTD provides award winning service to our clients. Our team of 15 Imports- Exports professionals will research your market, and pair you with the best product  that will bring you the most success.

Our Fruits are plenty! our Food products  are many! 

 Proudly in 2013 we have launched our New Brand   " Zita " 

We Wish that all our clients are satisfied from our choice, and happy for our progress in only 4 years.

 In 2014 - 2015 Summer New line : ZANGA  fresh fine fruit Line 

All summer fruits were launched  with success. 

We provide you all season's selected fruits carefully colected and packed with big attection.

We provide you Groupage loadings with more that 3 different fruits in every loading 

 You may contact our international department for offers evrery day